So what items are included?

Items such as mobile phones, computers, TV's, electrical and electronic tools can all be either recycled or reused.

Did you know?

On average, each person in the UK buys almost three new electrical items each year – or around 160 million nationally.
For every 6kg of small electricals purchased in 2013 (the average amount per person), only a fraction of these items (2kg) were sent to be recycled.
There's no need to bin items – you can drop them off at gadget bees.Recycling electricals is environmentally friendly. Strong magnets remove ferrous metals, such as steel
other non-metallic metals are removed by using electronic currents.

Environmental impact
Electrical items contain a range of materials that can be separated for recycling and used in new products, such as plastics and precious metals including gold and copper.

All this saves resources and energy.

If electrical items end up in landfill, hazardous substances will leak out and cause soil and water contamination – harming wildlife and even human health.

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